DVD List

This list is current as of October 2017

Abstract Art Quilt DesignPauley, Pat221
Accurate Machine PiecingEllis, Amy262
Alex Anderson Teaches You to Start QuiltingAnderson, Alex841
Art of Machine Quilting (The)Shapel, Barbara355
Art Quilt DesignQuilting Arts Workshop with Carol Taylor921
Art Quilting BasicsDavila, Jane/Waterston, Elin928
Art Techniques for Quilt DesignQuilting Arts Workshop with Carrie Bloomston925
Bead It Like You Mean It: The BasicsKinard, Lyric Montgomery242
Color For The Terrified QuilterPederson, Sharon/McCauley, Ionne191
CQA National Juried Show 2013CQA413
CQA National Juried Show 2014CQA414
CQA National Juried Show 2015CQA415
CQA National Juried Show 2016CQA416
Crazy QuiltingMontano, Judith B201
Creating a Shredded Art Quilt and BindingCrawford, Lenore9210
Creating Machine Embroidery - Flowers & LandscapesHolt, Alison241
Creating Vivid Mixed-Media FabricQuilting Arts Workshop with Alisa Burke232
Creative Machine QuiltingWaterston, Elin356
Design and Print Your Own FabricDunnewold, Jane2317
Die Cutting for BeginnersLove, Ebony441
Dorothy's Sampler (3 DVD Set)Pederson, Sharon/Nylin, Dorothy462
Dyeing to StitchQuilting Arts Workshop with Candy Glendening239
Dynamic Fabric Art PortraitsQuilting Arts Workshop with Esterrita Austin929
Easy PiecesMiller, Margaret261
Easy Reversible VestsDoak, Carol491
Elly Sienkiewicz Teaches You Beginning Baltimore AppliqueSienkiewicz, Elly33
Enhancing Your Art Quilt with Fabric PaintCrawford, Lenore2315
Exploring Digital Grounds on FabricMatthews, Linda2312
Fabulous Finishes: Seven Techniques for Binding, Facing, Framing & Hanging a QuiltKnapp, Susan Brubaker102
Fabulous Free Motion QuiltingMatthews, Linda354
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: a Companion CD for EQ5 and EQ6Hird, Laura Aaron461
Fons & Porter 2000-2009 Issues 25-84Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter 2010 Issues 85-90Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter 2011 Issues 91-96Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter Easy Quilts 2012Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Mag. 2000-2009Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Mag.Jan-Dec 2012Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter Magazine 2010 Issues 85-90Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Fons & Porter Magazine 2011 Issues 91-96Fons & PorterMAGAZINE
Full Spectrum DyeingLohbeck, Cindy2327
Fun with Machine Needle FeltingQuilting Arts Workshop with Pokey Bolton121
Funky FishInspira243
Fusing / Fabric Painting TechniqueCrawford, Lenore2316
Give & Take AppliqueGreig, Daphne & Purney Mark, SusanVQG36
Hand and Machine AppliqueBuckley, Karen Kay34
Hunter's StarRobinson, Jackie512
Jumpstart Your CreativityOlson, Barbara821
Katie Pasquini Masopust Teaches You Simple Steps to Dynamic Art QuiltsPasquini Masopust, Katie923
Kool KaleidoscopeTims, Ricky731
Kool Kaleidoscope MISSINGTims, Ricky731
LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum Quilt Fest2010The Applique Society411
Laura Wasilowski Teaches You to Create Fused Art QuiltsWasilowski, Laura924
Liberated QuiltmakingMarston, Gwen9213
LonestarRobinson, Jackie511
Machine AppliquePederson, Sharon32
Making Faces: Beginning and Advanced PortraitsQuilting Arts Workshop with Maria Elkins922
Master Machine Stitching: Thread Sketching Beyond the BasicsQuilting Arts Workshop with Susan Brubaker Knapp251
McCall's Quick Quilts 2012McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
McCall's Quick Quilts Mag. 2011McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
McCall's Quick Quilts Mag.2010McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
McCall's Quilting 2010McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
McCall's Quilting 2011McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
McCall's Quilting 2012McCall's MagazineMAGAZINE
Metal EmbellishmentsQuilting Arts Workshop with Mary Hettmansperger2310
Mickey Lawler Teaches You to Paint Lanscape FabricLawler, Mickey2311
Mixed Media Art QuiltsTaylor, Beryl9211
Mixed-Media Painted FabricQuilting Arts Workshop with Judy Coates Perez231
Modern Machine QuiltingQuilting Arts Woorkshop with Catherine Redford353
National Juried Show 2012CQA412
Paper PieceDoak, Carol272
Peggy Martin Teaches You Quick-Strip Paper PiecingMartin, Peggy271
Perfect Machine Stitched Circles: with Decorative Stitches and MoreLehman, Libby244
Print, Collage, QuiltTesta, Beryl9212
QA TV Series 100 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW1
QA TV Series 1100 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW11
QA TV Series 1400 Episodes 1-13Knapp, Susan BrubakerTV SHOW14
QA TV Series 1500 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW15
QA TV Series 1600 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW16
QA TV Series 1700 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW25
QA TV Series 1800 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW26
QA TV Series 1900 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW27
QA TV Series 200 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW2
QA TV Series 2000 Episodes 1-13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW28
QA TV Series 300 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW3
QA TV Series 400 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW4
QA TV Series 500 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW5
QA TV Series 600 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW6
QA TV Series 700 Episodes 1 - 13Quilting Arts TVTV SHOW7
QA Workshop Improvisational Fused Art QuiltQuilting Arts TV927
QA Workshop Layered & Fused Applique QuiltsQuilting Arts TV31
QA Workshop Quilting & Dyeing SerendipityQuilting Arts TV238
Quick Prep Applique Vol. 1 & 2Connie Sue Haidle35
Quilt Label CollectiveC&T Publishing101
Quilters Newsletter Mag. 2011Quilters NewsletterMAGAZINE
Quilters Newsletter Mag. 2012Quilters NewsletterMAGAZINE
Quilting Arts Magazine 2008 CollectionQuilting Arts MagazineMAGAZINE
Quilting Arts Magazine 2010 CollectionQuilting Arts MagazineMAGAZINE
Quilting Arts Magazine 2011 CollectionQuilting Arts MagazineMAGAZINE
Quilting Arts Magazine 2012 CollectionQuilting Arts MagazineMAGAZINE
Quilting Caveman Style and Fishin'Tims, Ricky851
Quiltmaker 2010Quiltmaker MagazineMAGAZINE
Quiltmaker 2011Quiltmaker MagazineMAGAZINE
Quiltmaker 2012 Nos. 143-148Quiltmaker MagazineMAGAZINE
D-9087Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 3 MISSINGQuiltmaker Magazine91
Reversible QuiltsPederson, Sharon771
Rose of SharonPederson, Sharon561
Sashiko BasicsZiogas, Carol312
Screen Printing SamplerQuilting Arts Workshop233
Sensational SashikoPederson, Sharon311
Sewing Techniques for Accurate Curved Piecing: Basics and BeyondQuilting Arts Workshop with Pingel, Angela211
Shape ShiftingQuilting Arts Workshop234
Skillbuilder Studio Feather Fundamentals Vol. 2Allen, Renae351
Skillbuilder Studio Machine Quilting Volume 1Allen, Renae352
Soaring ComplimentsFallert, Caryl Bryer842
Soy Wax InspirationsPurney Mark, Susan237
Step-by step Quilted LandscapesMcNeil, Kathy331
Stitch Imagery from Photo to FabricQuilting Arts Workshop402
Strip & SlashRobinson, Jackie783
Strips That SizzleMiller, Margaret782
Surface Design Essentials for the Printed QuiltQuilting Arts Workshop with Sue Reno2314
Surface Design with Silk Screens, Soy Wax Resist, & Fabric ManipulationEckley, Ginny161
Ten Vintage Scrappy Quilt PatternsMcCalls Quilting471
The Quilt Show Series FiveTims, Ricky and Anderson, AlexTV SHOW22
The Quilt Show Series FourTims, Ricky and Anderson, AlexTV SHOW23
The Quilt Show Series SixTims, Ricky and Anderson, AlexTV SHOW21
The Quilt Show Series ThreeTims, Ricky and Anderson, AlexTV SHOW20
Think Like an ArtistAllen, Pamela926
Those Fantastic FeatherweightsMcCallum, David R.12
Thread Therapy with Dr. BobSuperior Threads11
Titivations - An Exploration of Techniques and Applications for Embellishing and Making Embellishments that are Simply "Titivating"Matthews, Linda236
Titivations - Fabric Surface Design Series #1-4Matthews, Linda2313
Titivations - Unusual Surface Design Series #1-4Matthews, Linda235
Transfers Tried & TrueQuilting Arts Workshop with Lesley Riley401
T-Shirt Quilts Made EasyDeLeonardis, Martha263
Upcycled Fabric BooksZamrzla, Erin801
Weaver FeverRobinson, Jackie781
Why Quilts MatterKentucky Quilt Project21