Victoria Community Comfort Quilts Society

Victoria Quilters’ Guild

Mailing Address: Suite #184, 1581-H Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 2C1

Grant Application Form

Purpose of Victoria Community Comfort Quilts Society

  1. To support charitable quilt making by members of the Victoria Quilters Guild, known as the “Grant Program”, and
  2. To provide quilts for babies in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit of Victoria General Hospital, otherwise known as “Baby Quilts”

Membership in VCCQS is automatic when becoming a member of VQG.

Funding is provided primarily through direct donations, and fund-raising efforts generated during the quilt show, which ordinarily takes place every two years.

Management of Funds is entrusted to an Executive committee of four people, elected for a term of two years to VCCQS.

Guidelines for obtaining funds for the Grant Program

The VCCQS provides, when funds permit, small grants to members of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild to show our support of their efforts in producing quilts and other fabric-related projects for charitable organizations recognized in our region.

  1. To apply for a grant, print and complete the application form provided on this website, ensuring signatures are provided and mail to: VCCQS c/o Valerie Boode, #6, 290 Superior Street, Victoria, BC V8V 1T3 or submit to Valerie Boode during a VQG meeting.
  2. Community quilts can be made by an individual member or a group of guild members. Regardless of total number of group members, only five can apply for the group grant.
  3. Individual or group grants are eligible once annually. An individual may not apply with a group if applying for an individual grant.
  4. The term “year” is determined by the raffle date as per Gaming Commission regulations.
  5. The recipient of the quilt(s) must be a recognized charity or organization deemed appropriate by the VQG or VCCQS.
  6. Quilts are not to be used as fundraisers.
  7. If possible, completed quilts made with charitable grant funds should be shown at VQG Show and Share before they are donated.
  8. Acknowledgement received from the recipient organization, such as thank you notes, are to be stored with VCCQS, attached to grant records.

Accredited charities are:

  • Transition House
  • Threshold Housing
  • Welcome Quilts (for refugees)
  • The Cridge Centre
  • Victoria Hospice
  • Pandora House
  • Jeneece Place
  • Victoria General Hospital Maternity Unit (not to be confused with Neo-Natal ICU)
  • Mito Quilts of Hope
  • Victoria Newcomers
  • Quilts of Valour

President’s Report, November 9, 2021

This has been the most unusual year. To start, our standby fundraiser Raffle could not occur, so as to not leave VCCQS with no funds, the Victoria Quilters Guild stepped in with a very generous donation of $5000.

$3,000 of this generous Guild donation was allocated to be issued for the subsidy of community quilt making. Thanks to the efficiency of the online Grant Application form on the Guild website the Grant program process has been successful. To date $2,550 has been issued for worthy causes like Welcome Quilts, Jeneece Place, Threshold Housing, the Cridge Place, Pandora House and the Mom and Babes group at Victoria General Hospital. All very worthy local causes.

While the Grant side was all online, Covid-19 prevented gatherings with no Baby Quilt committee work bees allowed. Work was done privately in members’ homes. Thanks to Kerry Deane-Cloutier for adding the flannel backing, to Anne Sanderson for cutting the batting and making bundles and to Lois Lockley for kit making and the addition of binding.
The flow of pickup and drop off of Baby Quilt kits and bundles stopped with cessation of Stitch Day. Thanks to Anne Sanderson for allowing her home to become our depot. In addition Bea Sinclair accepted the many generous Baby Quilt donations at her home. Co-ordinating with the Library at Shirley Westaway’s provided another access to kits or bundles. To date a total of 236 Baby Quilts have been delivered to NICU with the expectation that we will reach 300 by the end of 2021.

Happy news, with the finding of our new home at Emmanuel Baptist Church and a high percentage of Covid immunization is allowing the resumption of Stitch Day this month and meetings in the New Year, thus allowing the receipt and return of Baby Quilt kits and bundles to happily reoccur. So we’re looking at a brighter future for the sharing of Baby Quilt kits and bundles. Thanks to the many Guild members who have taken the effort to make Baby Quilts and to those who have provided quilts to charitable causes through the Grant program. Also, the expectation is to resume Baby Quilt committee gatherings to create kits in the New Year.

Membership in the Baby Quilt Committee did not change even through our inactivity. However, the Secretary position for VCCQS has been vacated and today Deb Swift will be nominated to assume this role.

Respectfully submitted
Valerie Boode