The library has over 2000 books, magazines and DVD’s as well as numerous stencils and templates.  Members can take out 5 books, 5 magazines, no limits on DVD’s or templates, for a maximum 2 month period.

New books are identified with a yellow new sticker on the spine.  These are the most recent acquisitions at the Resource Centre.

The Book, Subject Code, DVD, Magazine, and Template lists are on pages found under the Resource Centre heading.  These lists will be updated as major changes occur.

The Book List can be sorted by Title, Author or Subject and there is a Search box at the top of the page.  This will allow you to find all the books by a specific author or see if a particular title is in the collection.

If you want to look inside a book before buying try checking or

Connecting Threads also has audio reviews of some of their books.

Resource Centre Contact: