Silver Thimble Award


The Victoria Quilters’ Guild annual Silver Thimble Award was established in May, 1990 in memory of Eleanor Jacobs who passed away on November 27, 1989.


  • Any member in good standing for five (5) or more years in the Victoria Quilters’ Guild and who has worked diligently for the betterment of the V.Q.G.  Honorees do not need to have served on the Executive but will have shown outstanding service to the Guild. 
  • The award to be given to living members who can enjoy the significance of the award.
  • Award to be limited to one per year.
  • Nominations will be submitted by the membership to the Committee in writing for consideration and approval, or on a decision of the Committee. 


  • Initially this was a five member Committee of volunteers: Ruby Bauer, Gaye Benson, Laura Hopkins, Vi Denluck and Julia Darby.
  • At the discretion of the honoree, she may choose to sit on the Committee, replacing one of the volunteers to maintain a committee of five persons.
  • No person should sit on this Committee for more than five years.
  • In the event the Committee falls to less than five persons, the President, plus Committee Chairman, may appoint members.
  • Chairmanship of the Committee to be chosen from the Committee members. No person should hold the office more than two years.

The award is to be chosen at a meeting attended by the Committee and VQG President or a member of the Executive appointed by the President. The recommendation of the Committee should be ratified by the President before presentation.

To retain the prestige of the award, it must be given meaningfully and not necessarily annually.

The award is to consist of a silver thimble, engraved with Victoria Quilters’ Guild and the year (e.g. VQG 1990).  It will be accompanied by a certificate outlining the award.

The award is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting, if possible.

The Guild will maintain an album containing Eleanor’s photo and biography and photos and biographies of honorees as they accumulate.

Silver Thimble Award was approved by the General Meeting on April 18, 1989 and drawn up February 23, 1990 at the Committee meeting at Vi Denluck’s home. It was amended at Executive Meetings on September 28 and December 1993.