Victoria Community Comfort Quilt Society

Meeting address: Salvation Army Citadel, 4030 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA


We have two broad purposes:


  • To support charitable quilt making by members of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild

 In 2016-17, over 30 quilters produced more than 200 quilts which were donated to charitable organizations recognized in the Victoria area.  Among the recipients were the Cridge Centre for the Family, Quilts of Valour, Threshold Housing Society, Canada Comforts, Pandora Youth Apartments, Anney’s Closet, Victoria Women’s Transition House, Mito Quilts of Hope, and Ronald McDonald House of Vancouver.

  • To provide quilts for babies in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit of Victoria General Hospital            

 For many years, Victoria Quilt Guild members have made at least 300 baby quilts each year.  These are given to parents who are experiencing the stress of their newborn’s illness and hospitalization.  This is a valued on-going activity, a sustained commitment by many of our members.

Membership is identical to the membership of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild. 

Funding is provided primarily through direct donations as well as through fund-raising efforts centered around the Quilt Show, which ordinarily takes place every two years.

Management of Funds is entrusted to an Executive committee of four people, elected for a term of two years.


Victoria Community Comfort Quilt Society
President’s Report, October 10, 2017

For any of you new members, let me review the fact that the Comfort Quilt Society was established some years ago.  It was given the responsibility of managing the funds which support:

  • our Baby Quilt Project (which delivers an average of 25-30 quilts each month to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Victoria General Hospital)
  • our other charitable quilt-making efforts which benefit many charities across our area (at least 200 quilts made by more than 30 of our members were distributed between May 2016 and May 2017).

The membership of the Comfort Quilt Society is identical to that of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild, but under provincial law we must manage these funds as a separate organization.

Our principal sources of funds are direct donations, and a major fundraising effort at our quilt show every two years.  At our last show we received proceeds of nearly $5000; these funds have been disbursed as required under provincial law.   We will be drawing on our reserves in order to meet our budgeted obligations until the quilt show in May 2018.  (Our Treasurer, Linda Moran, will be giving you a clearer picture in her report.)

During the past year we have given much thought to finding new ways to raise funds, and in coming months you will be hearing about them.  And we have also recognized that charitable quilt-making of all kinds has become an important goal for our membership.  If we intend to continue to support and encourage these efforts, we have an urgent need to replenish our coffers!

In the meantime, we have worked to keep better track of what we actually do:  recording the number of quilts given out by the neo-natal unit; arranging destinations for donated quilts and fabric that are not suitable for babies; improving documentation of other charitable quilts.  These chores are important, for they let you, the members, know more clearly what the organization is doing.  But we don’t forget that what we are really about is making quilts and giving them away!

In closing, I must let you know that by next year at this time I will have completed two terms as President (time does move fast these days…..!) and I will be stepping down.  So it is time for you to step up!

We will be looking for “one or two good women” who can handle a moderate amount of administrative work, very few meetings, and quite a bit of fun! 

You know, we do have a lot of fun around here:  we have great programmes, we learn new things together, find close friends, put on great shows, and make beautiful quilts.  But the Comfort Quilt Society is the arm of our guild which is dedicated to going beyond ourselves—we make beautiful quilts for people we will never meet.  If this is important to you, please step up—to support our fund-raising efforts and even to take your turn at leadership.

And speaking of leadership, let me once again thank all the members of the Baby Quilt Committee as well as the Executive Committee for making this whole effort possible for this past year and those ahead.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran McArthur


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